The project team founded two Briefings series: the JDI Special Papers (contact Nick Tilley) and, the Statistical Bulletin (contact Graham Farrell). Kate Bowers edits the Crime Science special collection on crime and COVID-19. Many of the Briefings have been reproduced in Policing Insight.

Journal articles and reports

  1. Domestic abuse in COVID-19: Measures
  2. Law Enforcement Futures Delphi Study
  3. Household occupancy and burglary during Covid-19
  4. Covid-19, routine activities and online crime
  5. Independence and Impact: a typology of research-user relationships
  6. Anti-social behaviour in the pandemic
  7. Illegal waste fly-tipping in the pandemic
  8. First Report of Findings from COVID-19 and Crime Survey
  9. COVID-19 restrictions, routine activities and online crime
  10. Spatio-temporal crime patterns and COVID-19 in San Francisco
  11. Small area variation in crime effects of COVID-19 policies in England and Wales
  12. Six months in: Pandemic crime trends
  13. Resilience of criminogenic ecosystems: COVID-19 in China
  14. ‘Show this thread’: Police use of Twitter in the pandemic
  15. Crime and coronavirus: social distancing, lockdown, and the mobility elasticity of crime

Other project outputs and activities